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POA&M Structural Engineering, PLC

"We believe every truly successful project begins with a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M). We believe it so much, it's simply part of who we are. A true measure of your present and future project success."

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Think of the questions your customers ask most frequently and write them here along with the answers.



A: In most instances, POA&M stands for "Plan of Action and Milestones".  In our case, POA&M stands for our commitment and focus to your project objectives, your plan of action, and helping you meet your project milestones and goals.  It is a never ending reminder of the keys to our company's success and the success of our joint ventures."

A: As part of engineering management in a former position, the second action I looked to assign to engineers (following understanding the task) was the development of a POA&M.  A detailed plan of action provides you with the assurance that the engineer understands all actions required to complete a project.  The establishment of milestones provides the assurance that the engineer understands the complexity of the project and each of the actions.  POA&M was one of my favorite acronyms, along with SWAG.  With either one, you have a clear understanding of where a project stood.

A: Yes.  Even the simpliest of projects must have a POA&M.  The "Actions" become few, but never less than three (Perform, QA/QC, deliver).  In addition, it may simply mean that the "Milestones" are defined in hours instead of days or the incredibly challenging minutes instead of hours.  In any case, there is action, action parties, start and end times.

A: Yes and No.  After understanding the plan of action and milestones, we may determine that another party is best suited for a particular action based on the type of task, the time frame, or schedule.  Regardless of our final role, our goal is to help you meet the project objectives and hit those milestones.

A: The project owner, project manager, and engineering team should all share the same or common focus and understanding of the goals.  A POA&M is a glimpse into a desired future state.  It provides a concentrated "POSITIVE" focus on the ideal of a project's state.